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Social scene: Gladys Wanga: Salary cut for MPs unacceptable

Newly elected Members of Parliament are likely to demand improved salaries and allowances, above what is allocated to them by the salaries commission, once they convene for the start of the 12th Parliament.

Crazy Monday: IPOA faces hurdles in probing police brutality in post-election protests

The police watchdog is yet to establish any incriminating evidence against police officers who were reportedly involved in the post-election protests early in the month following the declaration that President Uhuru Kenyatta had won the August 8 General Election.

Local News: Maid who survived a fall from 7th floor in Middle East finally gets back home

The maid fell from the 7th floor and survived the fall with injuries

NaiNotepad: Wives on sale: Strange market where prospective brides are dressed provocatively

The market is held four times a year where families in the community arrange financially beneficial marriages for their children

The Nairobian: What attracts men? 10 things Kenyan men are looking for when wooing women

However, the desire to be attractive has pushed a few of them to go beyond what is naturally given to them.