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Crazy World: Statue of the Virgin Mary starts to 'cry' at church leaving one shocked worshiper to faint

Worshippers have been left in shocked after a statue of the Virgin Mary apparently weeping in church.

International News: Donald Trump brags he got the 'highest ratings since 9/11'

Donald Trump bragged he’d given a news programme their highest ratings since 9/11 in an interview last night.

International News: Kim Kardashian transforms herself into Virgin Mary for her latest merchandise and fans can't take it

Kim Kardashian transformed herself into the Virgin Mary for her latest Kimoji merchandise drop.

Campus Vibe: Four sins first-year students committed in campus

Elizabeth has had to pee or poop on herself — that’s shameful.

Campus Vibe: She turned her bad hair day into biashara

Like many teenagers, Georgina Obiero was once too broke to even make her hair. She would tie her hair back in a simple bun, or conceal it under a headwrap