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Health: Kenya needs Sh3 billion more for war on HIV/AIDS

The Government needs an extra Sh3 billion to put all Kenyans diagnosed with HIV/AIDS on crucial anti-retroviral treatment as recommended by latest guidelines from the World Health Organisation.

Kenya: Kidero goes out, drinks fermented porridge at Burma Market

Nairobi City County Governor, Dr Evans Kidero has unveiled a borehole and a sanitation facility in Burma market in an effort by the Nairobi City County government to invest in projects geared towards uplifting the lives of Nairobi residents and traders as well as improving its service delivery.

Politics: After dating for nine years, he married another woman behind my back

Julie Surrey was with her man for nine years - until she found out he'd secretly said 'I do' with another woman. After nine years in a committed relationship, many women would hope to hear the sound of wedding bells.

Kenya: High Court declines to stop Senator Muthama's arrest

Efforts by Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama to block his arrest over hate speech claims hit a snag after High Court refused to grant his wish.

Kenya: Over 1,000 Kenya Ports Authority staff hold imaginary academic papers, audit reveals

Some 962 workers and 423 managers at KPA have nonexistent academic certificates or qualifications, a forensic audit has revealed.

Politics: Tharaka Nithi Governor reluctant to join JAP, says leaders want to take his seat

Governor Samuel Ragwa has said he will join the Jubilee Alliance Party (JAP) on condition that it will benefit his people.

Kenya: Raila calls for unification of South and North Korea

CORD leader Raila Odinga has called on the international community to work towards the unification of South and North Korea to create one nation.

World: Signs and symptoms of breast cancer and what you should do if you find a lump in your breasts

Here are the signs and symptoms you should be looking out for

The Counties: Nairobi women ask me to mix sperms with their body lotions- Doctor

Dr E N Kamuri, a dermatologist based at Kenyatta National Hospital has dismissed the belief that sperms serve as a remedy for acne

: 5 things you need to know about “fat women”

Rather than provoke an adult discussion on overweight persons and obesity, Njoki Chege's article on fat women has degenerated into a word fight of profanity and indecency. Here are five things Njoki needs to know about fat women.

Kenya: Why men date but never marry stunningly beautiful women

This pattern repeats itself several times, and these women start believing all men are like that — woo women with ‘hit and run' prospects on their minds.

Kenya: The agony of being a single woman in Kenya

The single life is overrated. Relationship books, TV shows, radio Dr Loves and the Internet overflow with advice, affirming to women that the single life is to die for.

Politics: Should I forgive my sister's cruel comment about me?

Am I in the wrong for not forgiving her straight away? Am I overreacting?

Life: Moi University (Main Campus) Health Director Wake Up!

A week ago I decided to go for my first prenatal check up and get to know how my baby is doing and my health in general only to be told by the nurse that, "Machine za kupima haziko."

It’s not just about the money: Teaching aids and training opportunities top tutor needs

Teachers need more teaching and learning materials and training opportunities than a salary increase.

Always grab opportunity by the lapels!

The world belongs to doers and not to analysers and sceptics.

Tribute to my teachers: Your dedication and guidance gave me the wings by which I fly

I first developed fondness towards a teacher when I was in Standard Eight.

The real winners are the few who dare to leap

Always interrogate your reasons for not doing something that scares you.

Dealing with personality disorders at work

Personality disorders can affect productivity at the workplace.

Innovation is creativity and taking risks

A strong leader practises failure management by setting and agreeing on the risk-taking bandwidth or budget.

Is it fair to allow a few individuals to hog the letters-to-the-editor forum?

Many readers, however, have accused editors of allowing a few individuals to hog the forum.

Mr Madaga’s is a sad statement of the state of healthcare in our country

So whose fault was it that Mr Madaga was in an ambulance for nearly two days and what is being done about it?

Improve health services

At a personal level, there is a compelling case for humaneness among medical professionals.

State should explain mounting cash crisis

The rising uncertainty and attendant unseen but dramatic ripple effects of the looming crisis do not augur well for the already struggling economy.

China brushes off IMF warning on 'unprecedented' challenges

IMF cautioned China's economic modernisation threatens the whole world, but China brushed off warning predicting steady growth.

Scrap requirement for job experience

I always want to know if what I am pursuing in college is relevant in the job market.

This should be women’s position in our society

It becomes a problem for the man when the woman has higher academic qualifications.

Government blundered in its handling of the teachers’ strike

Wielding a big stick to defeat an industrial action cannot work.

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