• Kenyans urged to be fearless in defending what is right in Matiba’s...

    NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 25 – Kenyans have been urged to be fearless in defending what is right for the country in honour of the late Kenneth Matiba, a multi-party political icon. This was during a memorial service attended by family members and top government officials led by President Uhuru […]

  • Indian court jails popular guru for life over teen rape

    JODHPUR, India, Apr 25 – An Indian guru with millions of followers was sentenced to life in prison Wednesday for raping a teenage devotee on the pretext of ridding her of evil spirits, his lawyer said. Asaram Bapu, one of India’s most charismatic and controversial “godmen”, […]

  • 897,000 new jobs were created last year- KNBS

    NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 25 – Some 897,000 new jobs were created in 2017 marking a 7.6 per cent increase compared to 832,900 new jobs created in 2016. According to the 2018 Economic Survey report published by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) on Wednesday, the informal sector […]

  • Education policy makers gather in Nairobi for continental conference

    NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 25 – Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed has urged the education policy makers on the continent to come up with reforms that will give future generations a competitive edge globally. Amina said this when she officially opened a Pan-African high level conference on […]

  • Opposition leader Raila proposes 3-tier system of government

    NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 25 – Opposition leader Raila Odinga has proposed a 3-tier system of government that seeks to retain the 47 devolved units and national government. While delivering his address during the ongoing 5th devolution conference in Kakamega, Raila further advocated for the […]

  • Matiba eulogised as a disciplined man

    NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 25 – The late Kenneth Matiba has been described as a disciplined person who was always keen to accomplish what he set his mind on. Speaking during his funeral service at the All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi on Wednesday, his friend Joseph Kibe stated that he always led from […]

  • Raila urges governors to manage funds wisely, avoid graft

    NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 25 – Orange Democratic Movement leader Raila Odinga has advised governors on prudent management of public resources, while condemning rampant corruption. While addressing the 5th annual Devolution conference in Kakamega, Odinga stated that development will never be […]

  • Police hunt rapist gang operating in Nairobi streets

    NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 25 – Detectives in Nairobi have launched a manhunt for a gang of street boys involved in rape. The latest incident was captured in a video showing a woman being raped by a suspected street boy on Mto Lane off River Road. The woman is seen resisting the beastly act but is […]

  • Rainwater everywhere, not a drop of tap water: the Ndakaini paradox

    NDAKAINI, Muranga, Apr 25 – In the comfort of their homes and offices, Nairobi residents have been raising queries over the unending and inconvenient rationing of water. They wonder how the heavy downpour across many parts of the country has left Nairobi’s main source of water, Ndakaini […]

  • US high court reviews Trump’s power to block Muslim immigrants

    WASHINGTON, United States, Apr 25 – President Donald Trump’s effort to ban immigrants from several Muslim-majority countries heads to the Supreme Court Wednesday, which will decide if his argument asserting national security interests was tainted by religious bias. The case, known as […]